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Stichting Iranian on the Move (IOTM) is een non-profitorganisatie die door middel van sponsoring, subsidies en donaties wordt gefinancierd. De stichting werd begin 2000 opgericht en is bezig met podiumkunsten en maatschappelijke idealen.
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روشن تر از خاموشی - کنسرت گروه لیان و خسرو انصاری - 16 و 17 فوریه دن هاخ و آمستردام Lian Ensemble & Khosro Ansari 16 en 17 februari Den Haag en Amsterdam - Brighter than Silence
23 jan. 2013

روشن تر از خاموشی

کنسرت گروه لیان و خسرو انصاری

Zaterdag 16 febrauri 2013   Den Haag 20.00u

Laak Theater / Ferrandweg 4T 

Zondag 17 febrauri 2013   Amsterdam 17.00u

Podium Mozaiek / Bos en Lommerweg 191


Lian Ensemble  & Khosro Ansari
Brighter than Silence

Pirayeh Pourfar: Tar
Khosro Ansari: Vocal
Ali Nourbakhsh: Daf , Dayareh
Arash Fayyazi: Barbat
Houman Pourmehdi: Tonbak, Daf, Nay
 Lian Ensemble
Based in Los Angeles, The Lian Ensemble is a group of virtuoso performers and composers. It was founded by Pirayeh Pourafar and Houman Pourmehdi in 1996.
Lian Ensemble has emerged as one of the leading group in World Music today. Their powerful compositions fuse the Mystical Persian musical heritage, in the crossover between Persian music and a variety of genres including tuvan, indian, jazz, flamenco and celtic music. Combining a unique musical vision with dauntless dedication to experimentation, they create a synthesis of mystical world music composed of traditional and folk melodies and instruments. Their
"Brilliance " has been praised by John Schneider of KPFK radio. The Lian is comprised of world-renowned musicians whose diverse and uniquely versatile musical styles lend to this rare blend of Mystical world music. Lian's music flows effortlessly between a diverse range of styles and traditions, while fearlessly forging a path and sound that is all their own. Los Angeles Times writes, "The Lian Ensemble's music-original compositions written and improvised in class on its own terms". After much collaboration, the musicians have acquired the requisite knowledge of Persian music, and each adds their own distinctive rhythmic sounds to compositions, creating an exciting mix of melodies that go beyond the stylistic boundaries. In performance, Lian's ever evolving repertoire of creative original music is expanded, rearranged, and examined with exploratory eyes at each and every concert. Los Angeles Times (Don Heckman) writes," Lian ensemble is a gifted group with completive compositions and virtuosic performances".

 Entree: 20,- /  € 15,- (studenten)

                             ترجیحا بلیت خود را تا تاریخ 12 فوریه رزرو نمایید

U kunt kaarten reserveren via (gelieve per email uiterlijk 12 februari) :

naam, achternaam, , datum van voorstelling, aantal kaarten en de rangen melden!)

برای رزرو بلیت : نام، نام خانوادگی ، شماره تلفن و نام شهر و یا تاریخ اجرا، قیمت بلیت مورد نظر را از طریق ایمیل ارسال نمایید
برای اطلاعات بیشتر از طریق ایمیل تماس بگیرید

Tel.: 06 24 500 134

Volg ons op fasebook:  iotm of Iraanse Gids in Nederland

Gratis parkeren bij beide zalen!

More info over: Lian Ensemble


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