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Den Haag 29 April 2007 کنسرت پری زنگنه در هلند
4 apr. 2007

کنسرت پری زنگنه

Pari Zanganeh (folk/opera diva uit Iran)
Tannaz Rafiee (piano)
In concert
Den Haag 29 April 2007

Theater De Regentes
Weimarstraat 63 Den Haag

Aanvang: 19:30 uur (ivm. Koninginnenach)
Entree: € 15,-

Info en reserveren: Tel.: 06 24500134

Reserveren: liever per e-mail رزرو بلیت: ترجیحا از طریق پست الکترونیکی

اضافه شده روز 16-04-2007
2007 - 04 - 15
گفتگو ی رادیو قاصدک با پری زنگنه را در
اینجا می شنوید

Photo: Alizare

Pari Zangeneh started her study of music at a very early age under the direction of legendary musical talents of Iran and soon sailed through the Iranian conservatory of music. Then she studied opera. To complete her studies in music and voice she traveled to Italy, Germany, and Austria. In the meantime, on one of her trips to Japan she studied flower arrangement at Ohara School and this led to the publication of her book of floral arrangement, IKBANA.
Unfortunately in 1971, as a result of an auto accident she lost her eyesight. This incident not only did not diminish her enthusiasm and passion for life and pursuit of excellence. It expanded the horizons of her imagination and God given talents.
More than anything she dedicated her life to be the living proof that physical impairment should not limit the scope of the power of imagination, inspiration, and innovation.
To achieve this goal Ms. Zangeneh dedicated her life, time and talent to help individuals with physical impairments. Through active participation in all activities designed to provide better understanding and provide better facilities and accommodations for physically challenged all over the world.
As part of this campaign, she utilized her heavenly voice by performing all over the world, including prestigious concert halls such as: PALAZZAO BARBERINI, ROMETHE KENNEDY CENTER, WASHINGTON, D.C.LINCOLN CENTER, NEW YORK CITYHERBST THEATER, SAN FRANCISCOHARVARD UNIVERSITY, CAMBRIDGESALMINO, PARISHERCULES HALL, MUNICHWILSHIRE EBELL THEATER, LOS ANGELESALSO IN JAPAN, AND MANY OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD. She also performed as soloist, Beethoven Symphony # 9 with the Florida Symphonic Orchestra.
In addition, Pari Zangeneh has studied and researched folk music of many different countries, and through her magnificent performances has promoted friendship and cooperation and coexistence between people with different cultures and this has led to her being awarded The # 1 Medal of Work, the International Gold Medal for Voice, and The Title of Ambassador of Good Will. More recently she has been writing especially for children and youth. All of her writing has been translated into Braille.
Miss Zangeneh is an exceptional personality in the world of arts. In spite of her universal acclaim and fame she has remained as ordinary and common as the people she represents.
Her love for ordinary folks and their life stories, feelings, cultures and traditions has tapped into an enormous reservoir of cultural heritage. She has revitalized and preserved a wealth of melodious songs and stories that goes back to our ancestors.
She touches our hearts and souls when she performs. She brings to life the Unknown, Forgotten and Neglected generations that otherwise would never survived. Her music and songs are pure, simple, innocent and free of the invasion of modern way of life and technology.
All her life, Miss Zangeneh has utilized her talents and heavenly voice for the advancement of the arts and promotion of better understanding between the people of different culture and heritage. "Financial gain is not part of her philosophy of art."
Pari truly is a people's performer and has remained so all of her life. Her contributions will last for generations, not only because of her standing in the arts, but more so because she has been able to bring all people closer together and by elimination of the barriers between different cultures "well deserved to be named the Ambassador of Good Will."
Courtesy of
شعر: ایرج جنتی عطایی
آواز: پری زنگنه

Tannaz Rafiee was born and raised in Tehran. Tannaz began learning the piano at a very early age with well-known teachers in Tehran. Later with a B.A. in music she went to France to study piano performance at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. She continued her studies at the City University in London where she graduated with a Masters in Music IT. Tannaz has
participated in different piano master classes in Tehran, Vienna, Paris and London. She has been performing for a number of years internationally as soloist as well as accompanist. She currently teaches piano on a professional level and is organising a grand festival for the 100th
anniversary of the great Persian composer, Aminollah Hossein.


Met openbaar vervoer

De tramlijnen 3, 11, 12 brengen u bij het theater.

Tram 3 : Conradkade/ Regentesselaan
Tram 11 halte: Weimarstraat/ Conradkade
Tram 12 halte: Weimarstraat/ Beeklaan

Met de auto vanuit Rotterdam / Utrecht / Amsterdam

- Volg borden Den Haag tot u bij het knooppunt Prins Clausplein bent;
- Volg op het knooppunt Prins Clausplein de A12 richting Den Haag;
- Rijdt als u niet verder kunt bij de stoplichten linksaf de Zuid Hollandlaan in;
- voorsorteren op middelste rijstrook
- bij de stoplichten rechtsaf afslaan de Koningskade op;
- Bij de eerste stoplichten gaat u linksaf de Doctor Kuyperstraat in, deze verandert in de Mauritskade en vervolgens in de Elandstraat;- Als u niet verder kunt gaat u bij de stoplichten rechtsaf de Waldeck Pyrmontkade op;- Bij de derde stoplichten slaat u linksaf de Laan van Meerdervoort op (grote weg met trambanen);- Zodra u over de brug bent gereden slaat u linksaf de Regentesselaan in (hier zijn geen stoplichten!);- Rij de rotonde (het Regentesseplein) driekwart rond, dan komt u in de Weimarstraat waar vrijwel direct aan uw linkerhand het theater is.

Googels Maps Via Rotterdam
Googels Maps Via Amsterdam
Googels Maps Via Utrecht
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