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Stichting Iranian on the Move (IOTM) is een non-profitorganisatie die door middel van sponsoring, subsidies en donaties wordt gefinancierd. De stichting werd begin 2000 opgericht en is bezig met podiumkunsten en maatschappelijke idealen.
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27 okt. 2009

کنسرت گروه موسیقی وین بانگ

Persian ancient music موسیقی کهن ایرانی

Win-Bang Ensamble
Masood Arzanlo (composer, tambour)
Samer Habibi (Kamancheh)
Ali Gerami (percussion)
Sahar Lotfi (Vocal)
Pasha Karami (Tombak)

Win-Bang Ensemble
Win-Bang Ensemble (formerly named GHOGHNOOS) founded by Masoud Arzanlou in 1989, in order to promote mystical music that emanate from ancient Persian music. Masoud Arzanlou has been a composer, conductor, and music instructor since 1989. He is one of the masters of Persian mystical musician and vocalist.
Win-Bang Ensemble is a collective of Persian musicians and vocalist. Each Ensemble member's illustrates a unique performing while maintaining the integrity of art rooted in an authentic tradition.
Ensemble artists have collaborated on a diverse range of musical innovative performances that explore the relationship between tradition and innovation in music.
TAMBOUR is the main instrument and KAMANCHEH, BARBAT & PERCUSSION are the supplementary instruments. Tambour as one of the Persian cultural heritage has over five thousands years' written history.
Win-Bang Ensemble has been performed in many Ancient Persian, Traditional, Sufi & Kurdish Concert, festivals & workshop around the world.
Introducing Persian traditional and ancient music to the aspiring audiences from different nationalities whether in east or west is the primarily motivations of Win-Bang Ensemble.

Den Haag, Donderdag 19 november 2009
Theater Pierrot / Ferrandweg 4t

Utrecht, vrijdag 20 november 2009
Singelkerk / Wittevrouwensingel 28

Aanvang: 20.00 uur (tot 22.30 uur)

Entree: € 20,- studenten € 15,-
Reserveren (gelieve per email):

Tel.: 06 24500134

i.s.w. met: Pasha Karami

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